Several local schools had students participate in the national student-led walkout yesterday to support victims of gun violence at a school in Parkland, Florida last month.   The shootings took place one month ago, and claimed the lives of 17 students and staff.              Napoleon had close to 200 students in grades 7 through 12 exit the building at 10am, and headed to Buckenmeyer Stadium.   There they held a moment of silence and walked the track.   They returned to the building after about 17 minutes, for every victim of the disaster.  The teaching staff did not participate in this walk-out, although administrators watched as the protest took place.  Local law enforcement also monitored the events.   There were no incidents, and students returned in an orderly fashion to their classrooms.

                   Liberty Center had some students take part in support of the victims in the shooting incident.                At Wauseon about two dozen students left in support of the Florida victims.  They then met with administrators to look at ways the school collectively could support the Florida students.