A jury has been seated in Fulton County, and testimony is underway in the kidnapping and murder trial of James Worley of rural Delta.   In his opening statements, prosecuting attorney Scott Haselman laid-out the testimony and evidence the jury would see and hear.   He reported there would be evidence of DNA of the victim and defendant together at three separate locations:  the site of the abduction on county road 6 in Fulton County, the barn at the Worley farm, and the place where Sierra Joughin (joggin) was buried.                Prosecutor Haselman stated the evidence would show the victim was found with different clothes on than what she was wearing the day of the crime.        They would show evidence of finding straw in her hair, her legs and feet were duct taped, and she was handcuffed behind her back.  He reported there would be testimony of injuries to her head; and that the cause of death was mechanical asphyxiation. 

The first witness to testify was Sierra’s boyfriend, who reported he was riding his motorcycle along-side her for a while; but then left when she said she would be fine the rest of the way home.    Sierra Joughin was reported missing later that day, July 19th, 2016.