To help celebrate ‘national groundwater awareness week’ the Defiance County Health District is hosting a well-water testing day on Wednesday, March 14th.  The event will be held at the Community Memorial Hospital in Hicksville, and runs from 11am till 3:30pm.

Well water can contain a number of contaminants if there are problems with a well.  The testing will be for bacteria, arsenic, and nitrates.        If you would like to participate in the well-water testing event, pick up a sample bottle from the Defiance County sanitarian.  Then draw water from your kitchen faucet, and return it to the sanitarian by 4pm on March 14th.  Lab reports will be mailed to property owners, or can be emailed in the next one to two weeks.  If there is contamination, local public health officials will provide treatment advice.            The cost is $20 per test.