The Liberty Center town council has nailed-down their spending plan for 2018, with appropriations set at 2.1 million dollars.   That was passed on second reading by council, and it means close to a $100,000 increase over last year.   A storm sewer replacement project on West Maple Street will help bump-up that spending.

The village is again asking residents to send income surveys back to the municipal building, which are a vital piece of information to receive grant dollars.  Without those surveys, Liberty Center will not be able to apply for funds, which could lessen the load on taxpayers.

A pre-construction meeting is set for February 27th, as the contractor gets ready for the Rails to Trials project.

And Liberty Center council will be meeting with the chamber of commerce on February 21st and 22nd, participating in roundtable discussion on how to increase residential growth in the community.

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