Only two candidates have filed to run for office in the May primary election in Fulton County; but there will be 9 issues on the ballot.

Republican incumbent Jeff Rupp is running for county commissioner.    And Brett Kolb, a Republican incumbent is running for Fulton County auditor.

                   The list of issues in Fulton County for the May ballot includes:

Renewals in Clinton Township for road improvements, and maintaining the Wauseon Union Cemetery.

An additional levy of .4 mills is for the Evergreen Community Library.

          German Township is seeking an additional levy for fire and EMS.

  Gorham Township will decide on a renewal levy for fire protection.

Pike-Delta-York schools have a renewal levy on the May ballot for the Delta Public Library.

The village of Fayette has two replacement levies up for parks and recreation, along with current expenses.

And York Township in Fulton County will decide an additional levy of one mill for fire and ems.

Local board of elections also report the deadline for write-in candidates to run in the May election is February 26th.

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