A couple of business development projects were reviewed at the Monday meeting of the Defiance City Planning Commission.  The final site review for the proposed Shoney’s Restaurant indicates they should open at 1880 South Jefferson sometime around October 1st.  Site development is currently underway at the parcel, with the other companies moving-in as well.   A dance studio will re-locate at the same location, along with a coffee shop and drive-thru.   Another restaurant is also looking at a parcel adjacent to 1880 South Jefferson in Defiance.

A conditional use permit for a new trucking terminal was submitted by a company from Miami, Florida, looking to build in the Fox Run Executive Park off West High Street.  This site is zoned M-2 for limited industrial use.  The plan is for a facility to service and wash semi’s, with estimates of 11 to 15 trucks at the site.   A final site plan review is still required by the Defiance Planning Commission.