The snowflakes may be flying; but at the Ohio Department of Agriculture they’re thinking of county fairs, and have released their schedule for 2018.  The first county fair in the Buckeye State will be in Paulding County June 11th through 16th next year.    Not far behind is the Putnam County Fair, scheduled for June 25th through 30th.

The Ohio State Fair begins July 25th.

The Wood County Fair kicks-off July 30th.

The 2018 Henry County Fair is set for a run from August 9th through 16th.

Defiance County Fair in Hicksville is slated for August 18th through 25th.

          And the Fulton County Fair in Wauseon gets rolling August 31st through September 6th.

Williams County fair goes from September 8th through 15th.

          And the county fair schedule in Ohio will wrapup October 13th in Lancaster, at the Fairfield County Fair.

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