It won’t be long, and winter driving conditions will challenge even the most seasoned motorists.  Last year in Ohio, there were 13,783 crashes during the winter season, a 19% increase over the year before.  26 people lost their lives in those accidents, compared with 9 from the winter before.  The highway patrol reports many of these fatal crashes were the result of driving too fast for the icy conditions.

Winter driving means being prepared, including a check of your vehicle’s battery, cooling system, tires, wipers, and defrost system.  Carry a winter car kit in case you are stranded, including jumper cables, a flashlight, a small shovel, blankets, along with a cellphone and charger.

In the four county area, Fulton County led the way with 73 winter accidents last year, while Henry and Defiance counties were each close to 65.  Putnam County was lowest in the region with 32.