It sounds like a lot of money; but there are lots of services to provide to over 8,000 residents in the city of Napoleon.   City Council got their first look at the full budget for 2018 in Napoleon, and it tops 62 million dollars, covering everything from the purchase of electric power, to buying vehicles for police.  Revenue for many of those services will come from utility bills, while other revenue for the general fund will come from Napoleon city income taxes, which are estimated at 4.2 million dollars for next year.

                   Napoleon Council passed the first reading on the budget Monday night; and approved two-year contracts with the police and fire-fighter bargaining units.   Police will receive a 0% raise the first year, and a 1.5% increase in year number 2.   They were also awarded an extra step for staff that meet the longevity level at a 5% hike.  The fire-fighters union gets 0% pay raises in each year; but an extra step for longevity at a 6.5% increase.