Some new recycling guidelines have been announced for Napoleon customers, and approved by the operations department, to help cut-down on costs.  The city will no longer take any kind of glass in the recycling program, since the market for this item is gone.  

Cardboard is still accepted; but it must be clean and dry, no paper milk cartons or juice containers will be accepted.

Napoleon recycling will still take newspapers, magazines, junk mail, and wrapping paper.

Aluminum and steel cans will be accepted if drained and cleaned.

And plastics with the #1 and #2 are the only plastics accepted.  Lids and caps must be thrown away, and not on containers.  

The city will not accept containers that had oil, antifreeze, or petro-chemicals; and no plastic items like Styrofoam or laundry-baskets will be accepted.              Any questions can be directed to the Napoleon operations department.

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