The power of the sun could be a boost to the Holgate School district in the future.  The board is looking at an agreement to bring a solar field to the Holgate facility along state route 18 on the east edge of town.   The Holgate board approved a solar power purchase agreement with Entrust Ltd. of Hamilton, Indiana.    The plan calls for an energy audit of the Holgate school to determine potential usage, which could lead to the installation of the solar field on 2 to 3 acres of Holgate school property.    It’s estimated this solar power could provide up to 70 to 75% of Holgate’s power needs.   It would be a project with no financial investment for Holgate school, and could save over $13,000 on energy costs each year.  Antwerp schools are already tapping into this solar energy source, and Holgate could have their own project under construction by next summer.    Another part of the project would replace the lights at the Holgate school with LED lighting, which could generate more savings.           

The Holgate Board also approved a snow removal contract for the winter with Holgate Lumber Company.