With a third and final reading, Napoleon Council unanimously said ‘no’ to cultivation and retail sales of medical marijuana in the city.   That was part of the action Monday night; along with the city purchase of a parcel in the Roundhouse Road area off Scott Street.  The 1.5 acres was purchased at $35,000 from the original investor in the land.   At this point, Napoleon council has decided not to pay the $450,000 or so for construction of Roundhouse Road.

A change-order of close to $30,000 was approved for the Park Street Improvement project, but the total cost is still about $75,000 under budget.  Work is winding-down on that construction.

          Napoleon Council approved an ordinance that will make Wood County the official inspecting body for residential construction. 

And council went into executive session to discuss personnel and pending litigation; but no action was taken.                           Napoleon Council will embark on their marathon budget sessions later this week.             

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