There are signs of an improving economy in the quarterly numbers presented by Job and Family Services for Henry County Commissioners on Tuesday.   Shannon Jones reports the number of individuals served in the food assistance program has dropped from 2,448 in April of 2014 to 1,645 in April of this year.   That has resulted in food assistance dollars dropping by over $75,000 for Henry County over that same span.

The number of children under Henry County care has remained pretty constant over the past four years, hovering around 30 each month.             And the number of residents seeking help through the job center has fallen from 224 in 2014, to 115 this year.

The Henry County Commissioners also discussed how to proceed with demolition of the waste treatment plant at Countryview Haven site with a local contractor.              And the board renewed their contract for refuse service at Henry County facilities with Hoops Brothers of Deshler.