The Fulton County Commissioners have some work to do on some bid projects.  The board received only one bid for a project to improve and replace the sanitary sewer system at the Fulton County Airport.  That system dates back to the late 1960’s.  The estimated cost for the work, which includes running a line to the Wauseon city sewer system was about $159,000.   The problem is the only bid submitted was at over $318,000.   That’s over 100% higher than the estimate, which is not allowed by law.  Anything at over 10% of the estimate must be rejected.   So Fulton County Commissioners will be reviewing the bid to see how to proceed.

          They also opened bids for a new sprinkler system for fire protection at the Fulton County Health Department.  With an estimated cost of $75,000, there was one bidder under that figure, at about $65,000.   No contract has been awarded at this point for the project.