They were tossing plenty of numbers around at the Monday meeting of the Napoleon Council ‘finance and budget’ committee as the city gears-up for 2018.   The committee reviewed estimated revenue for next year; and have decided on a more conservative approach, anticipating 4.2 million dollars to work with next year.  This year’s anticipated revenue is 4.4 million dollars, and Napoleon is struggling to hit that figure with just over two months to go.  City Manager Joel Mazur reports they want to err on the side of lower anticipated revenues, in case of an emergency expenditure.

The spending plan for 2018 will be tackled more in depth, when Napoleon city council gathers for intense discussions on the budget November 10th and 11th.

One of the first items council works-on in the spending plan, is taking care of debt obligations from past projects.             And expenses for employees is a big part of the budget, with salaries and fringe benefits to consider.  The good news for 2018, is that health insurance costs are anticipated at 2.6%, a much lower increase than previous years.