When the amount billed to residents in a community for utility bills surpasses 4% of the median income, its time to re-evaluate the situation.  And that’s what’s going-on in Napoleon, after Courtney and Associates delivered their rate study information to the city’s board of public affairs on Monday.  Sewer rates are actually going to be at 5.5% of the median income next year, with a 5% increase projected.    After discussion at the Napoleon BPA meeting, it was determined the board will not recommend an increase for 2018.                  When rates reach that level, communities are rated in a hardship situation; and the EPA may be able to have more flexibility in requiring the findings and orders that were imposed over a decade ago.    But another cloud on the horizon is the need for improvements at the Napoleon waste-water plant, which are anticipated at 12 million dollars, with work to be spread over the next 8 years.            The Napoleon Board of Public Affairs is also discussing how to proceed with a sewer separation project required by the EPA on Clairmont Avenue; but no decision was made.