The Henry County Commissioners were part of the solid waste policy meeting on Thursday, with more discussion on problems with the recycling program.  The latest numbers indicated nearly 9% of the material in recycling bins is waste, which is causing more expense for the county and city of Napoleon.                       Last year over 435,000 pounds of cardboard was recycled, along with over 340,000 pounds of paper.  The next highest amount was over 4,800 pounds of #1 plastic.                      Over 100,000 tires were recycled and shredded in 2016.     Landfill manager Mike Imbrock reports Henry County is exceeding the state requirement in recycling, 38% of residential, and over 85% of commercial businesses are taking advantage of the recycling opportunities.

And the update on the Buckeye Building indicates the transportation network may be able to move into the newly renovated facility by the end of October.