The city of Napoleon will be in the running for a seat on the AMP board of trustees, during a conference being held this week in Columbus.  Napoleon is seeking to retain the seat they have had for a number of years; but other communities seeking a slot include Wellington, Dover, Cuyahoga Falls, and Painesville- the city where former Napoleon city manager Monica Irelan is now an administrator.  In fact she is also attending the same AMP conference that Joel Mazur is representing for Napoleon.      There could be as many as 135 votes cast from various communities that are part of AMP.   That decision will likely come this afternoon.

Other nearby communities that are part of the municipal power group include:  Deshler, Bryan, Bowling Green, Haskins, and Edgerton.

           City Manager Joel Mazur is also in the running for chair of the JV-2 board, which oversees the peak generating facility that AMP owns, and located in Napoleon.