The Henry County Commissioners have approved bids for 3 home demolition projects in the communities of Holgate and Deshler.  Some asbestos removal is required first, so that contract goes to Midwest Environmental of Perrysburg at $14,800.          The home demolition near Deshler was awarded to Panning Escavating at $8,800.   Another on road F near Holgate goes to Gray’s concrete at $10,450.  And the final bid for a structure on route 108 near Holgate was awarded to the Shiniger Company at just under $8,000.

Waterline assessments will be going-out for property owners along the Grelton Waterline, and the extension.  There is one year remaining on assessments for the original Grelton Waterline, and two for residents along the extension.

And a handful of visitors got a look at the Countryview Haven building and grounds last night at the first open house for the facility going up for auction on October 14th.  Another open house will be held at the former Henry County home on September 28th.