The village of Holgate reports they will be enforcing the law that prohibits golf carts from operation on state routes.   There have been complaints against these vehicles; and anyone driving a golf cart without a driver’s license will also be cited.

          Holgate Council has no objections to the request from Sager’s to operate their establishment till 2:30am.

Councill is committing $2,300 in left-over funds for the village of Holgate’s CIC account to the new company in the town’s industrial park- Ohio Rotational Molding.  The company is currently working toward move-in at the site.

The Henry County Bank was approved as the depository for village funds for the next two years.                                      The Holgate Ministerial Assocation is encouraging the community to raise $25,000 for the hurricane relief effort.  Donations should be sent to your favorite charity.

          Fall cleanup in Holgate is set for September 25th through 27th, with dropoff at the former swimming pool property.        And a meeting on sidewalks in town is scheduled in Holgate on September 26th at 6pm.

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