Although Hurricane Irma has disappeared from the state of Florida, millions of residents are still without power due to the high winds.  The city of Napoleon is stepping-up to help, with city council approving the release of three electric department employees to make the trip, and help in the rebuild effort.  That was action from the Monday session of the Napoleon Council electric committee.   It sounds like the Napoleon group will be headed first to the state’s capital of Tallahassee, Florida, remaining in the sunshine state for at least 10 days.

The Napoleon electric committee also reviewed the power portfolio for the city, which is made-up this way.  32% of Napoleon’s electric power is from hydro-electric, 24% if from coal-powered sources, 20% is from natural gas, a sizeable chunk comes from the national electric grid, and 1% of the electric power in Napoleon is generated through solar, and another 1% from wind power.