Sounds like we’ll do this again.  The Henry County Commissioners were informed the top bidder for Countryview Haven was not able to secure financing to complete the purchase of the former county home.  That means they will try again to auction off the facility and grounds.  More open-houses to get a closer look at the facility will be scheduled on September 21st and September 28th, at 5:30pm each of those nights.  The auction for Countryview Haven will be Saturday, October 14th at 10am. 

The Henry County Commissioners opened bids for two house demolition projects, one at 834 Daggett Street, and the other on road 7 near Grelton.   LJ Irving was the low bidder; but no decision was made the board.

                   There were executive sessions concerning pending litigation, security matters, for the sale of property, and other confidential matters; but no action was taken.