The Henry County Commissioners have approved a grant agreement that will provide funds for CCNO to house certain 5th degree felons, rather than sending them to the state prison system.   This money is part of the Targeted Community Alternatives to Prison program.  It will provide $150,000 to the regional jail over the next two years, beginning in 2018.

          Due to issues about security, the Henry County Commissioners are looking to limit the amount of time the Emergency Operations Center can be utilized.  The plan is to curtail hours to 8am till 4:30pm.   This center has computer and weather equipment, important to county operations.

And the Henry County Board approved load limits on 8 more bridges around the county, to deal with the newer heavier trucks on the road.  The signs will be posted this fall on road V in Ridgeville Township, Road F-1 in Marion Township, 15 in Napoleon Township, road U in Freedom Township, and the others are located on road 3, road K, road 7 on the Monroe-Richfield township line, and on road T near Liberty Center.