When it comes to Henry County and the city of Napoleon, there are plenty of common issues to discuss.   Both governmental agencies are working hard to continue recycling programs for their residents, while helping the environment.  But both entities are struggling to keep these programs available for residents due to a variety of factors.

Fewer items are recyclable these days.  Napoleon city manager Joel Mazur reports glass is no longer allowed in loads for recycling, nor is plastic if it is not a #1 or 2.   Henry County Solid Waste has been dealing with contamination issues at the canal basin recycling station, which costs every taxpayer in the county.    Napoleon is looking at their recycling contract toward the end of this year, in planning for the future.

Another common denominator is e-mail.  Henry County government utilizes the same company as Napoleon’s city system.   But the city is looking at a new provider for the future, which will lead to more discussion about servers for next year.