Law officers in Fulton County are still not sure where a male suspect is, following a domestic dispute standoff, that ended with an explosion and fire at a home in Swan Creek Township.  The incident started at 5:18pm last evening, when the sheriff’s office was dispatched to a home along U.S. alternate 20 just west of Swanton village limits.  A female and two children were removed from the home, with the help of a victim advocate at the scene.  The suspect refused to come-out, and Fulton County deputies were informed there were weapons inside.

A hostage negotiator talked with the suspect, but no progress was made.  Then it was discovered, the male subject started the house on fire.  A deputy tried to enter; but smelled gasoline, and retreated.   Negotiations continued unsuccessfully until 8:13pm, when an explosion rocked the structure.  The sheriff’s office reports they are unsure where the suspect is.  Three fire departments were sent to the scene to battle the flames, including Swanton, Delta, and Metamora.   The state fire marshall is also on the scene conducting an investigation.   U.S. 20-A remains closed to traffic in this area.