#TBT: The One Gift Santa Refused to Bring Me!

For Throw Back Thursday I thought I'd show you the ONE thing I DESPERATELY wanted from Santa Claus every year as a kid, but the big guy (for some reason) couldn't "fit it down the chimney."

That's what I was told. I remember keeping the front door unlocked one Christmas and I STILL DIDN'T GET IT!

Here it is -- a genuine hog for kids -- the Sears Catalog MINI-BIKE, BABY!

And look, mom, it even comes with a helmet! I had a bunch of Detroit radio station bumper stickers ready for that helmet, too.

Truth be told, before I die, I WILL have one of those mini-bikes. I may look funny riding it down the street, but I will feel like the coolest kid in the neighborhood.

How about you! What gift did Santa always seem to forget?

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