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Employees Reveal Forms Of Recognition From Boss

When you work hard and put in a strong effort on the job it always feels good to be recognized, and it’s pretty apparent that hearing an “at a boy” from the boss is really important to a lot of people.

A new OfficeTeam survey finds that 66% of employees say they’d probably leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated, with 54% of senior managers admitting it’s fairly common for employees to leave a job if they don’t feel recognized by the higher ups. 

But how those bosses express their recognition is a whole other story. Some execs have a strange way of showing their appreciation for employees, and workers have shared the odd ways they’ve been recognized at work. They include:

  • “A loaf of bread"
  • "A CD of music written and performed by a coworker"
  • "A custom statuette of me"
  • "Edible flowers"
  • "A large carving of a polar bear"
  • "An expired gift certificate"
  • "A golden key to an executive bathroom that didn't exist"
  • "Socks"
  • "A misspelled plaque"
  • "A plush toy"
  • "Fresh meat from a hunting trip"
  • "A foam tombstone"
  • "A jacket that was too short with sleeves that were too long"
  • "Grocery coupons"
  • "A $0.03 raise"

Of course, some bosses know exactly what to do to make their employees feel appreciated. Some of the best forms of recognition include:

  • "A handwritten thank-you card from the chief operating officer"
  • "A new car"
  • "Being named employee of the year"
  • "An all-expenses-paid trip to Jamaica"
  • "A donation to a nonprofit in my name"
  • "A message sent to all employees acknowledging my work"
  • "Baseball playoff tickets behind home plate"
  • "A day off"
  • "A fancy watch"
  • "Being flown to corporate headquarters and receiving a plaque"
  • "An awards show-style event"
  • "A large bonus"
  • "Lunch at a private club"
  • "A key stakeholder sent a complimentary email to my supervisor"
  • "A surprise party after completing a task" 

Source: OfficeTeam

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