Road construction projects are a necessary nuisance, so timing can be a big factor on the impact they have.    Some Napoleon businesses are going to feel the impact of replacing Industrial Drive at the U.S. 24 bypass.   You might think a shutdown of the exit for a couple of weeks would be a minor issue; but not for those companies.    There are three truck stops adjacent to the Industrial Drive exit of the bypass, where its estimated about 1,200 trucks hit their stops combined on a daily basis.            When you add the numbers up for a whole month, counting fuel, food, and service, these three companies are talking combined revenue approaching 6 million dollars.   And when truckers have a choice of negotiating around a detour, or driving 30 miles down the road to the next truck stop, you know what they will probably do.     So the local economy takes a hit for several million dollars in that span of time the road and exit are closed.   And that’s not even considering employees that might be laid-off for several weeks during the slowdown.    There might be savings in the city by shutting the whole road down to hurry-up the project; but in the overall picture, lost tax revenue will likely hit the state and city even harder.