Ode to the Zip Code Poetry Contest

Celebrating the City of Defiance Bicentennial

The Bicentennial Committee is announcing another opportunity to participate in the City of Defiance’s Bicentennial Celebration. “Ode to the ZIP Code” is a poetry contest where submissions will include a short poem inspired by the ZIP Code 43512. Each line in the poem will coincide with the numbers in the ZIP Code, such as line 1 having four words, line 2 having three, and so on. The theme is “Celebrating Defiance”.

Poems can be submitted via the Google Form listed HERE or by picking up a form at the DDVB office 325 Clinton Street or any Defiance County Public Library location.

A panel of judges will review 3 age groups. Age groups are: 12 and under, 13-18, and 19 and older. Prize packages will be awarded to the top 3 poems in each age category. Only one submission per poet will be accepted.

Submissions must be received by Monday, October 23rd, 2023.

Ode to the ZIP Code contest was inspired by the O, Miami Poetry Festival, and WLRN-Miami Herald News, the originator of the “zip ode” concept.